About us

Welcome to the GSIS MODEL UNITED NATIONS 2014!

Initiating since 2009, the MUN culture in Global System of Integrated Studies has enhanced its credentials to a provocative variety and thus has been placed on the run again, aiming for similar venerable results. With the level of debate skills being improved annually, the Global System of Integrated Studies hails this opportunity to bring forward Islamabad's finest delegations, the theme being the concrete ideology for it. In order to approach the orators' minds for necessity of peace, the action of disseminating dialogue to debase differences will be preferred. The Global System of Integrated Studies Model United 2014 would thrive not only to make delegates aware ofthe current scenarios but to sow in their minds the notions of the world's political and social requirements

Let the heat fuel your fiery debating skills as you join us in debate about contemporary national and international issues in Pakistan’s capital city!
See you this September!