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    Celebrating diversity

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    Developing Tolerance

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With the aim of raising awareness, Global village welcomes and celebrates cultural diversity. This entertaining and cultural event gives you a taste of all different flavors the world has to offer; while providing a glimpse into the unique and diversified nature of the cultures around the globe. And that is not where the party ends; indulge yourself in the world of fashion later on the very night. With glitz and glam of the high life, savor every moment of the fashion show where high-profile designers are scheduled to showcase and display their collections. With a ramp walk unlike any other, this show promises to satisfy the fashionista in you

Tired after clawing at each other all day in debates? Let the steam off with a concert that will rock your world and make you forget all your woes, as the GMUN14 Team is here to make you party like crazy! So release the pent up energy, let that inner beast out and prepare yourself for a magical experience! Link up with the excitement and get ready for some intense head banging as one of the biggest legends of Pakistan Music Industry gives you a chance to create epic memories that you will forever cherish!

After going through challenging committee sessions in the day, feel liberated from the stress and enjoy the delicacies of the evening dinner because surely you have earned it. However, a dinner shall not only be at your disposal as a suprise event patiently awaits your interest in the midst of the night sky....

We all have a tad bit of Sherlock Holmes within us, focusing and analyzing a particular detail and searching for clues. Something worth bragging about. But what if your credentials and bragging rights are put to the test, where delegations face off against each other in a duel of being the most cunning and quick of all? Surely The Scavenger Hunt shall be the clincher, the decider for the title of the most smartest delegation of GMUN 2014.

Event Schedule

Day 1

  • Opening ceremony
    10:00 - 12:00
  • Help session
    12:00 - 01:00
  • Program
    03:00 - 05:00
  • Break
    05:00 - 07:00
  • Global village
    07:00 - 09:00

Day 2

  • Committee Sessions
    09:00 - 12-00
  • Break
    12:00 - 01:30
  • Committee Sessions
    01:30 - 03:30
  • Break
    03:30 - 04:00
  • Committee Sessions
    04:00 - 06:00
  • Concert
    08:00 - 10:00

Day 3

  • Committee session
    09:00 - 12:00
  • Break
    12:00 - 01:00
  • Committee session
    01:00 - 03:00
  • Break
    03:00 - 04:00
  • Committee session
    4:00 - 6:00
  • Themed Dinner with Bingo
    8:00 - 10-00

Day 4

  • Committee Session
    10:00 - 12:00
  • Break
    12:00 - 01:00
  • Joint Crisis Session
    01:00 - 04:00
  • Break
    04:00 - 05:00
  • Scavenger Hunt
    05:00 - 06:00
  • Closing Ceremony
    7:00 - 9:00


Abid Hussain


Asad Mustafa

Director General

Hamza Nisar

Secretary General

Sammar Ali

Director Finance

Simon James

Deputy Director finance

Darjat Muhammad

Director Committee Affair

Hassan Ahmed

Deputy Director Committee Affair

Irfan Bashir

Director logistic

Mobeen Zaman

Deputy Director logistic

Noshad Ali

Director Social event

Areej Abbasi

Deputy Director Social Events

Fatima Fareed

Director registration

Danish Aziz

Director IT and media

Haseeb ul Hassan

Deputy Director IT and media

Mahin Talat

Director arts and design

Zoya Jabeen

Deputy Director arts and design

Anza Zahid

Director Marketing

Umaima Mustafa

Deputy Director Marketing

Ausaf Muhammad

Director Publication


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Sample Position Paper

This sample position paper was submitted by the delegation of Romania at the 2007 UNA-USA Model UN Conference in New York City.

Committee: International Labor Organization
Topic: Globalization and Development
Country: Romania

In the past two decades the rapidly growing world trend has been toward globalization. With the emergence of the internet as a means of communication and the increasing accessibility of international trade physical barriers are not the only barriers withering away. Protective tariffs are plummeting and free trade agreements are becoming more prevalent. Romania appreciates that globalization creates favorable situations for expansion of commercial as well as economic assets. In the past year Romania has seen a foreign direct investment (FDI) increase of 199%. Inward FDI increased from EURO 234 million in 2005 to EURO 699 million in 2006. However, Romania realizes that increased globalization does not automatically produce more equality.
Globalization and Development can contribute to the advancement of the overall international human condition; however, the delegation of Romania recognizes that without proper regulation the potential for advancement will remain limited to an elite few individuals, businesses, and nations. Unless checked and aimed toward the common good, globalization cannot effectively serve the global community. Crucial in dealing with the complexities of globalization, good governance must act with solidarity and responsibility. Romania believes that in involving people in globalization we must promote moral values, democratic principals, inclusive global political culture, institutions that safeguard both individual civil rights and inherent freedoms, and the common good. In addition, coping with the influx of information from globalization governments must act with solidarity and insight. Access to digital education will undoubtedly result in the confidence of citizens in their respective administrations and allow for a greater degree of transparency, and therefore a lesser degree of corruption. Romania believes the multinational business community has the ability and the obligation to support pertinent values in human rights, labor standards, and environmental preservation. As stated by the president, Mr. Traion Basescu, Romania feels a "heartfelt attachment to multilateralism, as an effective instrument designed to identify the adequate answers to the challenges brought by globalization."
Romania is party to the majority of multilateral treaties and conventions identified as such by the Secretary General in the context of the Millennium Summit in 2001. Romania has always supported innovative and effective ways of establishing cooperation within and between regional organizations. As one of the newest members of the European Union, Romania is an active member of the World Trade Organization, and looks forward to offering its support to the redirection of globalization to best benefit the global community.

Contact Information

GSIS Building, Pitras Bukhari Road, H-8/1 Islamabad

+92 315 5315601

+92 334 1111230



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